Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A break from cake

Lola's can do more than cake. My other specialty is fruit and vegetable carvings and displays.

We can set you up with anything your heart desires or your mind can imagine. Anything from towers numerous feet high...

to spreads laid out 8 feet (or more) in length.

From small one piece carvings

and simple trays...

to elegant carvings mixed with fruit, vegetables and cheese tables.

I love it when people get creative with their reception and the food at them. The food and how it is displayed can definately help set the mood and tone of the reception. Tell me what you want and I will work with you to take it a step past what you thought it could be.
It is so fun to work with sugar. Dangerous but fun. Being burned by sugar is like pouring hot lava onto your flesh. I did not have that experience with this cake, thank goodness, but it could have easily happened. This is a delicious New York style vanilla bean cheesecake with a sour cream topping. The topper is spun sugar. It is fun to make because your imagination is your only boundary.

Scuba Cake

My brother is a Scuba Diver and owns a scuba shop. I wanted to do something for him for one of his birthdays that was all about him. So I made him. I made him partially underwater, surfacing after a nice long dive in his wet suit with his snorkle. The entire thing is edible, except for the background.

This cake is actually a very pale pink in color with fresh flowers in purple, pink and white colors in a long cascade winding down the entire length of the cake. The cake is a 5 tier sour cream pound cake with the traditional buter cream frosting. This was a nightmare to decorate. It was in a hot building and was in the summer. The frosting was getting way softer than I like and I was scared but we made it work. You do what you have to do to make things work out and I htink this one did.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ahhh red roses

This cake is a simple but delicious Sour cream pound cake with a white vanilla buttercream frosting. It is a 3 tiered stacked cake. The bride wanted it to match her bouquet which consisted of red roses, red and white satin ribbon and rhinestones. Each tier has the red dots on it and each tier has ribbon. The bride requested that the bottom and top tier were white satin robbon while the middle tier has red. The rhinestones are a little harder to see as they are laid flat on the top of each tier. I worked ver closely with her florist to accomplish this cake and even did most of te actual decorating at the florist.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Janet and Wayne's Wedding cake.

This cake I made for my brother (from another mothu ;) and his, now, wife Janet (whom I matched, yea you know you'll never get away from that one) It did not photograph very well. It was a sattelite cake so that made getting a decent picture difficult. I will describe it to you as well as I can. All three caked we on a different level, a different shape, different size and were a different flavor.

The top tier was a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was an octogon.

The middle tier was a square double chocolate cake with a smooth creamy chocolate frosting.

The bottom tier was a large round Carrot Cake with a traditional cream cheese frosting.

Did you notice the pink design on the sides of the tiers as well as on top of each tier? for those of us now in the know those are dive arrows. Wayne is a cave diver and owns a cave diving center called Amigos Dive Center. As a surprise to Wayne, Janet wanted me to incorporate diving into the cake somehow without it being too blantant or out there. I came up with this so that the divers at the reception would get it but those of us not familiar with diving would not be thinking "what is that about". I had a lot of comments from divers but didnt hear one single "what in the world." The diving arrows are pale pink, to match her colors and her flowers, and are made of royal icing. The flowers on top of each tier are fresh pink roses.

I enjoyed doing this cake because I like doin cakes that are a little bit of a challenge and different than the regular, run of the mill wedding cake. I hope you guys liked it and I had fun working with you, Janet on making this cake.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to Lola's.

I love catering. I love the creativity with it. I love being able to make people happy by creating fantasy in the form of food. I love making people's imagination come to life in the form of something edible. I love hearing, "and you can eat that?", I love knowing I have made a day, like a wedding, just what she imagined. I have had quite a bit of interest lately in my food and cakes and that makes me very happy. Lola's is the name of my "business". Why Lola's when my name is very obviously not Lola? Well My mother's name is Lola and my grandmothers name is Lola. They taught me everything I know about food and they instilled in me the love for food and making it look just as incredible as it tastes (because, lets be honest, people eat with their eyes first) and because when I think about the attributes I want my food and my food business to have I describe those 2 women. Fun, elegant, classy, creative, pleasing, able to stand on it's own merrits, a step ahead, caring, modern without forgetting the past that brought us this far... You get the idea. So I named it for them. Welcome to Lola's.